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A nice home has always been very important to me and that’s why I try hard to make it as nice and comfortable as possible.

There are many small things that can make the home prettier.

I’ll show you my top five things that make a huge impact in your home:




I love fresh flowers!

Flowers always bring friendliness in a room and make it appear homely. I cannot imagine my home without fresh flowers or decorative branches.

I like to buy rare flowers and they must not be too colorful.




 A definitely invisible decoration element for me, because vases are simply part of every home! Whether a flower vase or the vase standing alone as a decorative element.

You can never have enough vases!




Photos and pictures tell stories and bring forth your own personality into the room. I also like to hang the pictures but on a sideboard or just to put on the floor.

Usually, I choose my pictures depending on the season.



Different light sources: indirect, warm light makes the room much more comfortable. Table or floor lamps provide a cozy ambiance in the room.




Last but not least – pillows and blankets:

With pillows and blankets, you can change the whole color scheme of a room and make it look very different.

I do not like it too colorful though. I always mix color nuances, only size and texture are different. What should never be missing is a fur pillow and a cozy blanket!


About nedashome

Neda Cukljevic


How would you describe your home now apart from the Nordic/Scandinavian influence?

I would describe my home as minimalistic, timeless, simple and elegant.

What you love about Nordic/Scandinavian design?

I love straightforward, simple wood, bright and friendly colours and a clear design in Scandinavian/Nordic design.

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