Chunky Knit Mink
Chunky Knit Mink
Chunky Knit Mink
Chunky Knit Mink
Chunky Knit Mink
Chunky Knit Mink

Chunky Knit Mink

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Our hand knitted Chunky Mink Blanket is made of 100% Merino wool and knitted in the modern stockinette stitch. A must-have piece in every Scandinavian inspired home.

Merino wool is very soft due to its small fibers and scales compared to regular wool and has excellent temperature regulation and breathability. The chemical lanolin is present in merino wool, which has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Merino wool is hyper allergenic and flame, water, odor and stain-resistant. Merino wool is very flexible and adapts to your use, without losing shape or structure.&...

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  • Merino Wool

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We recommend washing it as infrequent as possible to preserve the Merino wools natural lanolin content and retain its natural properties. Immediately wash stains with cold water and let it air dry. Does not tolerate machine washing.


As our Chunky Knits are made of 100% Merino wool, pilling and balling will occur due to usage. Each blanket is checked before and after knitting to help reduce the pilling that will take place. We recommend removing the pills by hand to retain its look.

Over time, with use, the fibers will pill less leaving you with a beautifully felted merino wool product. Should you find your blanket has lost its "fluff," don't be afraid to gently pull the stitches apart as this will renew the bulkiness. When carefully cared for, merino wool products have longevity.

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