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We all love gallery walls and no wonder why. They will never go out of style, they are an excellent way to add interest to that blank space on a large wall and what’s best, let us show our style and personality when decorating our homes. Only your favorite motives and frames are needed. And a little bit of planning is recommended of course.

A frame gallery wall around TV is a great way to prettify that ugly black box in your livingroom. I just loved the way it helped me to make the TV look a little more bearable but it’s much harder to focus on watching TV now than before. The wall is just too compelling!





When it comes to TV gallery wall, it can be a little tricky. How to hide that black box. Well, as a monochrome lover it was a bit easier for me to find the perfect selection of frames and motives and for me black & white was the only way to go. I actually didn’t plan it that much and I got a few tips from my friend Trine @bytrineravn as she is a master of planning those walls we are so scared of. On my wall I used the posters and frames I had already and the motives were easy to mix together. But it took me a while to get those frames up on the wall as I live rental and was afraid to ruin the wall with ugly holes. That’s why it’s better to plan the group before hammering.






Fortunately there are many inspiring photos and tutorials for gallery walls all over the internet (e.g. Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube). Here, let me show you some inspiration that I found on Instagram.


Cozy livingroom @bytrineravn



Scandi Candy @hannankotona



Arty gallery wall @bloggaibagis



Mid Mod Scandi @essi.pinossa


When your mind is set up, it’s no trouble at all. Just go for it!

Have a cozy autumn my dear readers and remember to light up some candles… See ya!

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How would you describe your home now apart from the Nordic/Scandinavian influence?

I would describe my home as Modern Hygge Home. It's functional monochrome cozy home with earthy tones and accents.

What you love about Nordic/Scandinavian design?

The timeless elegant simplicity, inspiration drawn from nature and natural shapes. It brings a welcoming atmosphere to any place and it's easy to combine with other styles.

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