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Published on Feb. 15, 2019


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This time of year I`m always up for changes in our home.
Winter has just arrived and therefor I have more time to redecorating and painting.
Garden season is over and I have been thinking quite sometime now on what I want to do.


winter cozy glass snow nordi design

I`m thinking about adding colours, on the interior but also to paint walls.
Step by step I want to paint in the hallway, in the kitchen and of curse in my very white living room.


hous winter theme black dark nordic

November makes me calm and peaceful and I therefore need a calm and delicate color.
I guess I`m looking for the perfect grey or beige.
These are, as you might know, a strong trend and many of you have certainly one in your home already.
Maybe you know the name?
What kind of colors do you have in your home? Are you satisfied with how it looks at the moment or are you up for a change, like me?
I need a warm tone now when we are heading forward winter and polar night.


candles cozy

Yes, November is almost here with the dark and all the snow. I`m lighting up with candles and candlesticks from “Menu” called POV are defiantly favorites.
Clean and easy to change the look with. Put them beside each other or on different walls. And light them up!


simple wall decorations home decor

It`s funny how we can change so much with almost no budget at all. Painting may be expensive, but often on sale too.
Just follow the flyers that come with the mail, and then you’re on 😉


plant home decor

On this week`s to-do list I have to buy more candles (black ones), figure out colors, buy fresh flowers ( yeah, I have to. Everything beauty outside is frozen. If you have the possibility, then go out and get some for free! ) 😊
November comes with dark, cold and snow. I`m going to enjoy it anyway, or at least try! Think I need a lot of candles after all! 😉

Enjoy yours!



Anna Utkilen


How would you describe your home now apart from the Nordic/Scandinavian influence?

My home is all about clean lines. I try to break by using wooden details and other organic materials (marble, plants etc). I’m addicted to green plants and flowers, i love to style and take care of them in my home.

What you love about Nordic/Scandinavian design?

I love Nordic design cause it looks so clean: clean lines, clean materials etc. Theres no «bling bling»!

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