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Published on Oct. 21, 2018


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set the table light candle cozy

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   Set the Table Decoration 

Besides my little hobby in interior and photography, my interest in food (and wine;) have grown a big deal in the last few years. My husband and I always plan ahead for what type of food and restaurants we need to try while on vacation, and one of our priorities as a couple is that we put off at least one night per month where the two of us go wining and dining :)

This time we decided that we would make this one dinner for two at home, and picked out some delicious dishes from one of my favorite cookbooks.


Characteristics design elements of Nordic design

amazing dinner setup with shrimps and pretty wine glasses

delicious food on a dish

A simple crayfish starter and chicken couscous for the main course 🙂

My husband did the cooking this time, and I made a quick and easy fall inspired table setting using warm colors and brass materials, and of course, lots of candles to get that cozy and romantic fall feeling.

my romantic home decor table setting for 2 people

cozy table vibe for decor

styled white table with design pieces


Hope you take the time to enjoy a good meal and good conversations with someone you care about this fall 🙂

Have a lovely day.

Nina Eik


How would you describe your home now apart from the Nordic/Scandinavian influence?

Its functional with an open space for social settings. My home is Scandinavian inspired with a twist of new and old things. I like to mix structure, geometry and untraditional combinations to make it look interesting.

What you love about Nordic/Scandinavian design?

Its modern and clean, but also versatile for everyone to make their own twist on it. You can get a feeling of who lives in the home.

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