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Published on Jan. 11, 2019


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wash tap bathroom

Home Decorating bathroom. Styling Tips

I think many people, including myself, can find it a bit difficult to decorate the bathroom..

Ideas may seem hard to come by, and the decor from the rest of the house doesn’t seem quite suitable in there.

I got a few easy tips on how to make the bathroom welcoming and modern, that is also easy on the wallet.


clean bathroom toilet

home decorated bathroom bathtub

green plant soap white clean nordic bathroom

I love the good atmosphere and fresh spa feeling in a bathroom, and I get so inspired after visiting nice hotels, restaurants, and spas.

To me, the bathroom is like a personal sanctuary where I can chill out and get some alone time, where all the stress and thoughts disappear.

To create that spa feeling in my white and grey bathroom, I have added some details of wood and green plants to bring in the colors of nature and to bring in warmth, lots of candles, scent and nice products to create a feeling of peace and wellness.

light candle plant green eco white bathroom

I have invested in some bathbrushes, sponges and nice spa products like sea scrubs and eucalyptus soaps. Very relaxing. The wooden caddy across the bathtub can hold your books, a glass of wine, candles, and soaps and it’s a good way to incorporate decoration.

A little side-table stool makes it feel comfortable and has also a practical purpose to hold your fresh towels, soaps etc.

DIY bathroom home decor

Bring in a bit of nature to get that spa feeling:)

do it yourself bathroom home decor tips

If you have a small space bathroom, here are some easy tricks to make the room feel larger:


My best styling tips for Bathroom

– Lighter colors have the ability to make a room seem larger

– Invest in good lights to open up the room and avoiding any dark corners

 – Adding big mirrors gives the illusion of depth in the room

– Avoid shower curtains. Open up the room with glass a door instead

– Think about smart solutions for storage! Pinterest has lots of inspiration and smart ideas.

– Use decorative boxes for all the small stuff laying around and use it as decor

Here is a small shelf unit from IKEA (Hyllis, only 98 NOK!) that I spray painted white.

candle light smell bathroom

fresh towels cabinet

guide bathroom diy styling inspiration


I feel like its time to put on some chill lounge music and take a dip in a warm bubbly bathtub! (..and try to stay there for more than five minutes before I get restless 😉

Have a lovely day!

Nina Eik


How would you describe your home now apart from the Nordic/Scandinavian influence?

Its functional with an open space for social settings. My home is Scandinavian inspired with a twist of new and old things. I like to mix structure, geometry and untraditional combinations to make it look interesting.

What you love about Nordic/Scandinavian design?

Its modern and clean, but also versatile for everyone to make their own twist on it. You can get a feeling of who lives in the home.

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