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Published on Feb. 15, 2019


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 Happy new year everyone. Hope 2019 is treating you good so far. The new year started with a boom for me, I have been running around doing lost of fun styling projects/home staging properties before sales.

Design inspiration 2019 Scandinavian style

Nordic Interior minimalistic

Nordic Kitchen style


The reason why I love my job so much is that I get to be creative and no day at work is the same. I get to visit kind and welcoming people in their homes and help them get a good price for their home. And plus I get to shop – a lot. Hehe





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Nina Eik


How would you describe your home now apart from the Nordic/Scandinavian influence?

Its functional with an open space for social settings. My home is Scandinavian inspired with a twist of new and old things. I like to mix structure, geometry and untraditional combinations to make it look interesting.

What you love about Nordic/Scandinavian design?

Its modern and clean, but also versatile for everyone to make their own twist on it. You can get a feeling of who lives in the home.

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