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Published on Jan. 16, 2019


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happy habitat in oslo design trend 2019






      Today I want to share some pictures from my trip to Norways biggest design exhibition, Oslo Design Fair, and I will sum up what I have learned about the core values and trends for 2019.

         It was such a fun experience with lovely food, good conversations, interesting lectures and showrooms on trends for the year to come...









famous design trends oslo 2019

The core values of 2019 is Trust, Sympathy, Honesty, Harmony and Playfull, and we will see these values in both fashion and interior design.


We as consumers is feeling guilty on our daily consumption, and are more and more conscious of our everyday choices with sustainable material things that last over time (Sympathy, Honesty).  

The trend tendencies are more down-to-earth, and yellow, beige, brown and rusty-red are colors that will get even more space in 2019.

Clean minimalistic bathroom - interior design

wall decorations inspiration forum

design interior brands chairs 2019

We will see more natural delicate prints, art, designs that are abstract and personal with a bit of wellness/zen tendency: Smoke, shadow, therapy/mood lights, water and pottery (Harmony)

The human is connected, and hand & machine are more melted together in production.  We see simple, handmade designs, sculptures, human bodies, faces, animals and Picasso inspired art (Playful)

clean simple hipster wood bed exhibition 2019 oslo design

comfortable chair in cozy fur design

vintage nordic desktop Scandinavia lifestyle

Designs become softer with smooth lines instead of hard contrast. Columns, half circles, wavy and delicate forms.. Materials will be mixed together and we want them to be natural and organic, like wool and linen. We will also see a mix of surfaces and transparency (glass/plexiglass)

I love the mixture of different materials and surfaces, softness, shine and interesting shapes that gives life and personality to the home, and think its so great that we as consumers are getting even more aware of sustainability and want to choose quality over quantity, and make a change.

happy habitat nina eik mynordicroom influencer


And last, I want to thank my good friend Vanessa for a lovely and inspirational trip 🙂

I recommend checking out her home, @minvinkel on Instagram.

 She is all about sustainability and second-hand things, mixing new and old elements together in perfect balance. A home of soul that is reflecting their kind and awesome personality as well 🙂 

Have a sweet day!

Nina Eik


How would you describe your home now apart from the Nordic/Scandinavian influence?

Its functional with an open space for social settings. My home is Scandinavian inspired with a twist of new and old things. I like to mix structure, geometry and untraditional combinations to make it look interesting.

What you love about Nordic/Scandinavian design?

Its modern and clean, but also versatile for everyone to make their own twist on it. You can get a feeling of who lives in the home.

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