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Published on Aug. 24, 2018

Nordic style baby & kids room

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Girls Pink Room - Creative Decoration Ideas

Kids room is my absolute favorite when it comes to decorating and creating DIY ́s. There are «no rules»
and I can play around with fun and colorful toys and accessories. A modern pink Scandinavian inspired girls room. Inspiring room ideas for kids room design. Myself as a kid loved spending time in
my own special place where I felt safe and could be creative in. Tips for decoration and designing nordic baby room.

girls room decorating do it yourself pink room

Girls Decoration Ideas

My kids rooms where the first to be
prioritized when we moved into our new house, and I think kids rooms are the reason why I became so
into the interior in the first place. I think creativity is contagious and I want to inspire my kids to have fun and
be creative as much as they can. We can DO IT YOURSELF and turn our girls room into a lovely playfull pink styled room.

«creativity is inventing, experimenting, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun»

kids room decorating nordic lifestyle


Do it yourself, Shelf for decor and hanging some favorite outfits. The H is a DIY lamp

custom home decorating kids room girl


Look at these cute donuts! I found them at Etsy and sew them together in a string


home decor kids pink toys

IKEA hack: paint «mosslanda» shelves for books and toys
A color combination I really love for girls room is pink, mint and gold. Its cute and childish, and are
happy colors for a kids room!

Now she`s moved into a different room that’s a little bigger and closer to the toilet. Here she has more
space for her play kitchen and can host tea parties:)

scandinavian design kids room girl

IKEA hack: «Latt» table and chairs painted in various dice colors

blog kids room girls inspiration

IKEA hack: «Rast» commode with decals

wood toys inspiration cozy kids room


If it was up to me I would have painted the room in a gender-neutral color, but of course the little boss of
this room is the one entitled to make that desition 😉
Sheep and the sheepskin softens up the floor, and details/furniture in wood is a great way of adding a
calm feeling to the room.

Sharing some tips for decorating kids rooms:


                                – Think about the little one’s interest, and use it in the decor to make the room personal. Ask them questions and make a plan together. Pinterest is full of inspiration!


               – Toys are cute for decorating and invites the kids to play. Put some nice toys up and visible instead
of stuffing them all away in a box


 – Storage! An uncluttered space is a peaceful space. Get several bigger and smaller boxes for
storage, and make them available for the kids to reach. Kids love to have their different little
«treasure chests» to put their favorite things in.


              – Create a magical mood in the room with different light strings on batteries. My girl loves these and
likes to have them all on as we put her to bed at night.


        – Use textiles to give a comfy feeling in the room. Sheepskin, cute pillows, Chunky Knit Blankets,
teddybears etc.


              – The kids spent much time playing on the floors.. so if the floors in your house tend to get cold, its
nice to put in a carpet to play on.


         – You can find lots of cute things in second-hand stores or flea markets! Give them a new life with
just a little paint or with spray cans. It’s eco-friendly and easy on the wallet!

girl amazing top kids room design inspiration

girl baby playing in kids decorating room


«Teach her to believe in magic. Her magic»
Hope you found some of these styling tips helpful 🙂 Have a lovely day. 

Nina Eik


How would you describe your home now apart from the Nordic/Scandinavian influence?

Its functional with an open space for social settings. My home is Scandinavian inspired with a twist of new and old things. I like to mix structure, geometry and untraditional combinations to make it look interesting.

What you love about Nordic/Scandinavian design?

Its modern and clean, but also versatile for everyone to make their own twist on it. You can get a feeling of who lives in the home.

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