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Published on May 14, 2018


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Lets Get Personal 

If you want your home to look like in an interior magazine, it’s not hard to go out and buy expensive furniture in a nice furniture store. An empty wallet later, and you have created a home that looks like many others. What many people don’t know, is the personal touch and warmth that a home needs to feel like, well, home.

The personal touch of a little design style

This touch cannot always be bought for expensive money but needs to be found in other more creative ways. Creating a home that is both personal and trendy is usually something that takes time, but is not particularly hard. What is required is a little imagination and playfulness.


Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style with open and bright surfaces is very trendy, and it’s a good base to start with. Try to create a simple base with the larger furniture, so you can add more energy to fun and characteristic details. Find one or two accent colors to work with, and go out shopping. You’ll be surprised how much fun stuff you can find if you only have an open mind for a new and creative interior. Also, personal touches in terms of heritage and photographs create a home that is personal and sustainable.

green plants home decor interior



Mix old and new

Combine new, stylish interior with a bit older and characteristic details. Don’t forget that old doesn’t have to mean trashy or ‘not fresh’. A sleek statue or lamp can give your room the lift required, and make it completely unique.

Second-hand shopping

You can find unique interior really cheap if you go looking in different second-hand stores. Also be sure to look when you’re abroad, then you have the opportunity to find truly exclusive items. With some imagination, you can turn the old vase for $ 1 into a unique interior detail using some spray paint.

light bulp big home interior design

buddha candle decoration with flower


Posters and paintings

There is nothing that can make a home feel cozier than posters and paintings. Create a nice poster-wall and print out your favorite pictures. Find nice looking paintings in second-hand stores, or why not take the brush and create something yourself?

Re-create what you already have

Become an Ikeahack-master and create something that nobody else has. Take out your grandmother’s old dresser and pimp it up with a little splash of color. Suddenly, you have a unique piece of furniture. Take care of your odd, funny details instead of hiding them. But be sure to place them very thoughtfully and with care, instead of just spreading them out.


Mix different patterns and materials

Dare to mix different materials beyond the usual. Natural materials such as leather, wood, and concrete are very trendy and can look good even in a classy home. The old patterned pillow may not look good on its own, but with a new colorful pillowcase, it can get a whole new life.

Important to remember is that interior decoration is not an exact science. There is no right or wrong, and there’s no “perfect home”. Trends and fashion come and goes, but the good decor is not always about what’s trendy, but more about what’s right in your home. Take your time, take care of your details and fill your home with things you love and makes you happy.

Sandra Serafia Johansson


How would you describe your home now apart from the Nordic/Scandinavian influence?

I think that I have a quite unique style that stands out from other Nordic feeds. My home is a mix of the industrial and modern, but with a touch of bohemian. I'm not afraid to use colours or greens, to create a personal contrast. I re-use A LOT (So called DIY’s) and this is very popular amongst my followers. In these times, we need to learn to re-use our interior and not always buy new stuff.

What you love about Nordic/Scandinavian design?

I do like that the Nordic/Scandinavian design is simple and clean. We love to use grey and white, which I really do too. My home is a little up twisted and I love to add some personal colours to it. I also love the re-use of materials such as different types of wood and leather

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