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Published on Nov. 19, 2018


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One huge trend right now in home decor is circles. They are so beautiful with their clean lines and sophisticated looks and is a must-have in Nordic design.


lines of circles design

Like in my first designs, circles can be shown in different ways. Fx. Vases, candle holders and decorating rings, which I will tell more about later.

You can find lots of different candle holders with a circular design at the moment. They come in black, silver, and gold where you can place different sized candles in different places.

On a table, like this candle holder at my first design, from Søstrene Grene’s newest catalog.

On the wall in my second design is from Menu, and I have seen lots of candle holders, as a hanger, from Ferm Living.

Circle shaped mirrors are also very trendy with or without frames and in different sizes.

mirror and light design inspiration blog guide


This one is also from Søstrene Grene and comes in 70 cm.

Mirrors have the amazing ability to make a room look bigger and brighter, it is like a movable window. If you move a mirror across a window there will appear more natural light to the room from the reflection of the mirror. The more natural light in a room the healthier soul. Especially in this upcoming dark winter days. Therefore mirrors is a must have in every home decoration.  It is super trendy and makes you happier.

cozy fire wall green plant hang


You can also make your own home decoration with circles. It is always so fun to make your own mark in your home, with just some simple things.

 I´ve made these rings for about 100,- dkk

You will need:

Metal rings, in whatever size you want them to be and in the color you like.

Wire, in a matching color.

Flower/ leaves, fake or real. (They really don´t last very long though)

Just use your imagination. There are no rules. Make them with flowers, just leaves or both.

I used eucalyptus leaves, cut them into a size that fits and tied them up with the wire. DONE! Easy peasy.

I wanted to hang them down from the ceiling with fishing line. But you can also hang them on the wall with nails.

Now you got some personality in your home styling.

Rebekka Skov


How would you describe your home now apart from the Nordic/Scandinavian influence?

I try to make my home minimalistic with no over-decorating. I like it white with a few colored walls.

What you love about Nordic/Scandinavian design?

The thing I love about Nordic/Scandinavian design is that you never get tired of the combination of colours and contrasts and the design its self. It’s like a timeless home styling.

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