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Published on April 24, 2019

LIGHT IT UP. My Norwegian Home Decor.

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Norwegian home light decoration

Nordic dining and kitchen room furniture ideas

In my last post, you could read about the Acorn lamp from UMAGE design and how I looked forward to hanging them up.

Well, here`s the result and I'm so happy about it!.

It`s like they are designed to fit into our new cabin. Here they will stay and give us good light in a very long time. Moreover, it brings the coziness in the evening, when we are making food.


Scandinavian interior design black kitchen

norwegian home decoration kitchen black


 Nordic design lamps, cozy light

The Acorn lamp comes in several colors and the one black is a personal favorite of mine decor, highlighting the touch of the nordic room design.

We also have black downlights in the ceiling and together it's a perfect match, I think! 

The Acorn lamp from UMAGE design is inspired by nature with the shape of a nut and crystal clear glass under a silicone cup. It`s beautiful alone or many together. It transforms the whole lightning into a more natural chill vibe, compared to strong regular spotlights for instance.

Over our kitchen island, we have two and even if there`s light in it or not, it gives a natural and classic look of my Nordic dining room design


nordic home black kitchen umage lamp


When the night comes we can adjust the light by dimming it down or up after what`s needed. 


ocean view norwegian kitchen black interior  lamps

The view is amazing from our modern Norweigan home, located between the mountains and with ocean view. This is an astonishing house with the location is not the typical Norwegian home.  

Several persons who have visited us during Easter has asked and commented where the lamps are from, so I take that as a good sign 😉


A lovely day to all of you

Anna @avvendel

Anna Utkilen


How would you describe your home now apart from the Nordic/Scandinavian influence?

My home is all about clean lines. I try to break by using wooden details and other organic materials (marble, plants etc). I’m addicted to green plants and flowers, i love to style and take care of them in my home.

What you love about Nordic/Scandinavian design?

I love Nordic design cause it looks so clean: clean lines, clean materials etc. Theres no «bling bling»!

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