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Published on Sept. 5, 2018


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Home sweet home is where the heart and soul is. And that I believe can be expressed by personal touch in decorating your home.

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In my home, I try to make it comfortable by the choice of colors. I go for natural colors like white, grey, brown, black and wooden colors. I even painted a wall dusty green to have great variations of different colors in my home but with the same expression.

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I once tried to go more crazy with the colors, by having towels and carpet in my guest bathroom in a neon green color. But after some time where I couldn`t find comfort in the room, I changed it to a calmer grey color. And what a relief!
Well, l tried to go more colorful but it didn`t feel right for me. You have to find out what color you like and be faithful to that.

Another way to go personally is ANTIQUE! I have inherited some old furniture from my grandfather. He was an old furniture painter and had loads of old furnitures that my mum got, which she passed on to me.
I repainted it and gave it new life. And how I love it!
It brings so much story, soul and personality to a home.

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If you don`t have any antique stuff from a family member, just go crazy in an antiquity or secondhand store. It’s so fun and gives lots of opportunities for personalizes your own home style, and I believe it`s a good match for Scandinavian design. It brings a timeless style that never outgrows you and your home.

This is a few ways to make a home, SWEET home!

This was my first blog post ever! And I feel so privileged to be apart of Mynordicroom family and hope to be a good inspiration to Nordic and Scandinavian home style. I have always been very interested in homestyle and Living design so hopefully, my experience can be of inspiration to you.

I hope you will stay tuned

Rebekka Skov


How would you describe your home now apart from the Nordic/Scandinavian influence?

I try to make my home minimalistic with no over-decorating. I like it white with a few colored walls.

What you love about Nordic/Scandinavian design?

The thing I love about Nordic/Scandinavian design is that you never get tired of the combination of colours and contrasts and the design its self. It’s like a timeless home styling.

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