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Published on Dec. 29, 2018


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Today, the kitchen is still a big and open area in the house. Since around 2000 the kitchen became the room the family spends the time together.
While dinner is being prepared the rest of the family is gathered around. Some making homework, some working at the next project at work, or someone making a completely different thing, just to be around. Even though everyone is doing something different, everyone is still gathered, and that has become a fantastic way to spend the hours after work and school together. Maybe that is why it’s never become a last year thing to have such a room. I think that the little kitchen behind the door, where there’s only room for the most necessary kitchen stuff, is on it’s way out as people getting their new kitchens, and it’s never coming back. The big and open kitchen is here to stay.


My no. 1 thing in my kitchen is my stove. I had it with gas. Maybe it can be a bit frustrating while


you are cooking and the last gas is out, but if you always make sure to have an extra tank, it will never be that big a deal. It’s just so cozy on a gas stove. Maybe because it’s like making food in a fireplace.


Another thing I’m so glad we did in the kitchen is that we put the oven higher than the usual way. Never bend over to take something in or out. And it’s out of reach for smaller children ( child safety doesn’t work for my kids😂)


One last thing I’m happy about is the vacuum cleaner at the base of the kitchen. You only sweep crumbs together and sweep it to it and then it cleans it up. faster and easier than with the ordinary vacuum cleaner. A BIG recommendation from me and should be in every kitchen.


One thing I did regret is the extractor hood. I think it breaks the room in a bad way as it’s hanging down in the middle of the room. It could have been so much better for the room with a hidden or one on the ceiling. Well well, never too late to change a thing or two.




Rebekka Skov


How would you describe your home now apart from the Nordic/Scandinavian influence?

I try to make my home minimalistic with no over-decorating. I like it white with a few colored walls.

What you love about Nordic/Scandinavian design?

The thing I love about Nordic/Scandinavian design is that you never get tired of the combination of colours and contrasts and the design its self. It’s like a timeless home styling.

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