Published on Oct. 30, 2018


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Do it yourself bedroom map project

I absolutely L-O-V-E DIY projects. One of my favorite DIY:s are these bedside lamps we had in our last apartment, that also came with us when we moved. I get a lot of compliments and questions about how it’s made, and actually, it’s probably the easiest DIY ever. So here’s the long-awaited description of what you need, and how to do it.


Buy a console that you like

We love these wood-consoles in black from Ikea. I think they’re very stylish and goes with the rest of the bedroom. They are also very cheap, we used the big one. If you want something extra unique then you can look at some second-hand stores, sometimes you can find some really cool items!


Select a cord and light bulb

You can vary this forever. Choose the size, shape, and color of the bulb to match your bedroom. Both the textile cord and the light bulb I have chosen are from Lagerhaus.


Time to drill

Make two holes in the wall to attach the console at the height you want it. Keep in mind that the cord and the bulb will hang down a few centimeters.


Wrap the cord around the console

Twist the cord as you want it, and attach the bulb. Tada! Now you have a unique bedside lamp that gives a super-cozy light in the bedroom.

Sleep tight!


nordic lamp inspiration

clean lamp scandinavian style



  1. Black console, IKEA 
  2. Textile cord, Lagerhaus 
  3. Bulb, Lagerhaus 

Sandra Serafia Johansson


How would you describe your home now apart from the Nordic/Scandinavian influence?

I think that I have a quite unique style that stands out from other Nordic feeds. My home is a mix of the industrial and modern, but with a touch of bohemian. I'm not afraid to use colours or greens, to create a personal contrast. I re-use A LOT (So called DIY’s) and this is very popular amongst my followers. In these times, we need to learn to re-use our interior and not always buy new stuff.

What you love about Nordic/Scandinavian design?

I do like that the Nordic/Scandinavian design is simple and clean. We love to use grey and white, which I really do too. My home is a little up twisted and I love to add some personal colours to it. I also love the re-use of materials such as different types of wood and leather

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