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Published on Feb. 14, 2019


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If it comes to choosing my favorite piece in the apartment of my Scandinavian home in Bohemian style, I couldn’t give an answer for reasonable certainty.

Probably you feel the same way. Is it not true that we are actually all having more than just one preferred interior item? Especially when you love and live the blend of styles you don’t want to limit on just one thing. I appreciate white minimalistic design, a cozy Scandinavian boho family home.

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Bohemian Style - Decoration Ideas 

Personally, I love clean lines coupled with rough materials, oriental accents and Nordic influence of course.
Ideally, our feel-good zone consists of a harmoniously created symbiosis of beloved objects, that fits in the modern home.



In any case one of my master items is the coffee table. When I started looking for this new interior basic 2 years ago I knew the object of my desires must be a wooden vintage piece of furniture. Symbolic white boho lifestyle, combined with true Nordic Interior Design. It should be big enough to not look lost next to the lounge area and provide the base of variable arrangements.

I realize you got me!


What does the Bohemian and Scandinavian decor style have in common?

Both two decorative style love Textures. The Scandinavian style will mostly find it in either chunky needles or blankets on sofas, chairs, benches, or beds. While in the Bohemian style, you can find them on rugs, blankets, macrame wall hangings, dream catchers, etc.

Another feature that the Scandinavian and Bohemian styles have in common when decorating their houses, is the use of natural characteristics elements such as raw wood, woven baskets, and different skins in all kinds of fur.

For vibing life to their spaces, plants are the most essential element. The bigger and thicker, greener, the better.


Scandinavian home boho white interior design minimalistic

As I had a certain visual idea I didn’t want to deviate there was not a large range of options and difficult to find, especially in German online shops. Alternatives? Pah! Entirely excluded!

I finally found what I was searching for at the Dutch label Boxworx. Really can’t remember how I came across

their page but it definitely was a though, day and night-long research. Oh yes, it was!

The fact that the furniture of the said label is also made of recycled wood and their own production finally
convinced me. So my new piece was found and nothing could stand in the way of a happy future.

home decoration nordic living 2019 boho style

I still love the shape, structure and the way it fits into the rest of the environment. The light wood is a great base
for allowing versatile variations. Magazines and coffee-table books go especially well on it I think. Rounded off

with a few selected details it’s a relaxed eye-catcher with no extra frills. And if no one is watching even food and drinks are put on it. Thank you for checking out my white minimalistic home.

Brigitta Uzel


How would you describe your home now apart from the Nordic/Scandinavian influence?

It’s a mix and match of eclectic, ethnic, clean in black&white and nature tones. And it’s where my heart is, my beloved comfy zone

What you love about Nordic/Scandinavian design?

I love the clean and rustic variation in combination and the possibility to style different shapes and textures and create an inviting harmony. It’s more than living it’s lifestyle, and it’s pure cosiness to me.

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