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Published on Aug. 29, 2019

Nordic & Scandinavian Design Styles

Written By: MYNORDICROOM | Nordic Interior Design

What is the Nordic & Scandinavian Design Styles?

We proudly present the different top Nordic Design styles, MYNORDICROOM is a Danish located company. Taking you to Northern Europe, the clean white/black color contrast gives the perfect authentic vibe.

These aesthetic styles are popular and born here in the region, Scandinavia includes the following countries, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland. We give you some tips and guide to all the different styles, so you can decorate your own home or simply be inspired. 


The Scandinavian Design Style

Scandinavian Design Kitchen

                            Amazing Cozy Scandinavian Kitchen, located in Norway. Look at those clean lines and that ocean view! Wow

Nordic Black Design Kitchen

Simplicity & Minimalism principles

Often the Nordic Room is characterized by the traditionally two vibes combined, simplicity and minimalism principles. The Nordic design is often remarkably based on the clean, simple lines, results in an aesthetically pleasing white or black harmony. The roots inherit the love for this classy style within the Nordic Region. White & Black are the two-color contrast to the key here.


"Hygge" we call it in Danish, is a term for expressing Comfort and Coziness. It´s one of the principles of Nordic Design styles. 


Natural materials components build the foundation of a simple corner in the living room.


What are the Main Elements of Scandinavian Design? 

Unique elements of Scandinavian & Nordic Design

Choose Interior Design Elements with Clean Lines

Identifying the Nordic Design patterns, following factors dominate like chairs, lamps, and furniture. Symbolizing this Nordic style of home decor relates to furniture, chairs, lamps, glasses... Natural materials are preferred, moreover, it´s often "Less is better".

Popular elements include the white classic wooden chairs, the fresh fur indicating peace, to the often white environment, with raw glass lamps and wooden interior. Scandinavians deeply love and value the nature and spending time outdoors as well, this is reflected in this style. Especially Wooden floors are trendy in nordic rooms in combination of often raw to lighter wooden tones, is frequently found among the Scandinavians homes. 

cozy vibe chair with fur

     Choosing Interior Design Elements 

- Green plants tend to be a popular choice bringing the perfect indoor life balance. Moreover, the Nordic Rooms are often cozy and bringing the warm atmosphere inside, with either Fur or Chunky Knit Blankets.

- Natural Materials like raw or old cozy wood (Beech, Ash, Pine) -  They say  "It´s all about the cozy vibe".

- Maximize natural sunlight, since the winters are long and dark here, this is a top priority. 

- Negative space and keep a minimum of clutter-free space.

- Simple accents and decorative patterns, like bare walls can easily be white and free.

 - Implement cozy textiles, to give the warm feeling like special light bulbs or cozy blankets or fur. 


Scandinavian Design - Baby/Kids Room 

Scandinavian Kids design room

This image illustrates a Nordic playing room for kids, with light wooden floors to kids toys and furnitures. Lovely pink decorated, what a place for a child to grow up in.



The Minimalist  Design Style

Minimalist Design style

   Establish a Visual Balance

The Visual Balance is the key component of minimalist design, this applies to more forms like the color scheme and even light source. Circular, Vertical and horizontal objects are made to shape patterns. This reflects fewer interior objects and prioritizing quality over quantity. 

Minimalist style is a more straight forward approach it focuses less on details and is characterized by clean or strict geometric shapes with the color combination of no more than 2-3 basic colors.  The philosophy is solid clean and neutral tones, this covers everything from floors to the brick and mortar. 

minimalist design

A modern cozy home, with a burning stove and natural outdoor sights.


The Bohemian Design Style

Bohemian Design Style - White-Minimalistic

Actually there are no direct rules when it comes to decorating a room with this style. Challenge the Nordic room with decorative materials, is the opposite of the minimal, modern & sleek. 

This enhances the philosophy of "More is More"  


Focus on Decorate Materials

Blending different layers to stimulate the authentic feeling, experiment and try hanging different art pieces or decorate the wall with personal or handmade items. Especially these Boho rooms tend to fill with collections of furniture that could be brought on markets or second-hand. Each individual piece of furniture should be special and tell a story. So over time, the exploration at local vintage shops could be a good bet. 


What do the Bohemian and Scandinavian styles have in common?

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The uniqueness is the key essential of the Bohemian design style. Placing special objects of either collectibles, wooden planks or other treasures will help you define this natural style. Other textured decor components could be the typical couch with thrown pillows in the soft fabric. This style isn't affected by empty surfaces and blank spaces all over. 

Personality can easily be injected throughout your bohemian home, with all your favorite decor elements like wooden planks or soft cozy pillows. The layering of trinkets and treasures tells a true story, highlighting and displaying the chosen artwork. Even metallic and less popular details can easily be integrated. 


Start telling your story, if you are a traveler, give the impression that you have been around the world seeing different cultures and let the room address that interest. It could also be collections or luxury treasures, who knows your story?

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The Mid-Century Modern Design Style


Big rooms with space & open windows

This lifestyle originates from around roughly 1933-1965. Mid-century is based on an architecture that looks a bit futuristic, these characteristics include flat roofs ceilings and asymmetric appearance.

Usage of wide glasses promotes the atmosphere of the outdoor back to the indoor environment. This is the modern generation with big open spaces and large rooms with big sliding doors. The central colors are warm and it´s obvious to look for manufacturers of Denmark, Japan, Italy, and America.



A touch of colors that are not black and white but more differentiated.

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