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Published on July 28, 2019

15 Easy To Grow Houseplants

Written By: MYNORDICROOM | Green Living

Easy to grow houseplants?

We all know a house doesn't seem like a real home until we have some green plants in it right? (Even outside the greenhouse decoration, it promotes the air-cleaning qualities). Depending on where you live, it can be challenging by finding the rights plants that will stay alive!. MYNORDICROOM gives you 15 easy to grow houseplants to invest in, that will fit the need for most geographic places, and adding a nice pop of color and green vibe, your home can’t withstand. Some plants can even be toxic to house pets and small children. 

Placing the green leaves is a great way to mix some texture and fresh breathing to your room. These easy houseplants clean the air and have the ability to reduce indoor air pollutants. 

First off, here are some short tips to give your green plants a better more safe life, and lasting longer. 


     1. Aloe Vera 

Lovely and health caring Alo Vera plant need a decent amount of sun, but it can also be indirect. It needs good drainage and makes sure your pot in a wide container. This ultimate number one plant, have endless health benefits, make sense to have in your home when needed. You can easily cut off the leaves to make all sorts of home remedies and skincare DIYs.  Or just simply use the juice from within the leaves to treat sunburn or other skin irritations. 


       2. Palms 

Bringing that little tropic vibe and feeling indoor to your beloved home. Areca Palm(Also known as a bamboo palm) is a plant which needs little sunlight to survive, a great plant to have in the home for Nordic or Scandinavian countries, where the sun is limited. This plant easy grows to 6 feet or more. This plant can even be slowly acclimatized by gradually decreasing the amount of sunlight if you switch to your bedroom for instance. Tip: Don’t overwater it! Make sure the pot is large enough!. 


       3. Snake Plants 

I remember my former roommate had a snake plant for the entire 5 years we lived together. It grew and grew even though she didn’t do anything beyond water it every few weeks. She never had any problems with it despite keeping it in low light and my cat occasionally taking a nibble. This plant is also known as Sansevieria. , these plants typically have a pretty yellow border around the edges of their leaves. They can rot, but as long as your pot has drainage holes in the bottom and you don’t overwater, you should be fine. 



      4. Spider Plants

The spider spiky-looking plants will help clean the carbon monoxide out of your home, perfect if you live in a more trafficked area. They live for decades in just about any conditions!. You can easily transport cuttings from the “Mother Plant” into water or soil to grow a new plant as well. 


    5. Ivy

Don’t let the lovely outdoor looks scare you, these Ivy cousins grow easily indoors as well. If you lucky and your friend has an Ivy, ask for small stems of theirs, then remove the bottom leaves and plant it in moist soil. You’ll have an ivy plant in no time. Ivy is poisonous to children and pets!. This plant will grow fast and give a good fresh green vibe, and easy to maintain indoor as a houseplant.



   6. Mint Which plant is good for the kitchen?

If you are looking for a kitchen plant that fits well, mint is one of the easiest and hardiest to grow. You’ll be making plenty of mojitos with this prolific plant. You might actually find yourself with too much indeed!. In that case, add some to freeze pesto, infuse water, or some vodka or bourbon, even make a minty body scrub, whip up a smoothie, or dry the herbs for later use. 



   7. Philodendron 

Known for the shape of a heart-shaped plant is the all-star of the indoor-plant world. Its hardly adapts to low light and facades prettily over shelves and other surfaces. It can also climb upwards if you crop and prop it right. Caution: The Philodendrons are extremely toxic if ingested by either pets and children!! 


   8. Dracena

These spiky plants almost look like large blades of grass. I’ve had good luck with them in all light levels actually in my house. 


   9. Cast-Iron 

A slow-growing plant, these indestructible plants from slow and steady, so make sure you buy them at the size you want. It only needs low light and can thrive in just about any temperature. 


  10. Boston Ferns 

Han a Boson fern in your living room will light it up and giving a bright, fuss-free pop of green vibe. This plant needs a medium amount of sun and likes to stay moist. It creates humidity, so especially good for working or dry environments.


    11. Succulent 

Watering isn't a big deal for the Succulents(including jade, cacti, candelabra trees, and many other varieties). If you are busy or not home as much, this plant is perfect for you. These shiny green leaves of plants like jade are a fun addition to a neutral-colored or minimalistic room. The cacti are available in many different colors and shapes


    12. Indoor Bamboo House plant 

The bamboo plant that is easy to hold indoor and in almost any climate will symbolize peace and a little tropic vibe. There are endless bamboo species and everything from spinning around a stick, to a more tropic look with green leaves. The typical indoor bamboo plant is the small species that don´t grow out of hand. I mean who doesn't love bamboo? 


    13. Spicy Chilli Plant

Bonus plant if you like spicy food, the chili plant is easy to maintain and almost impossible to kill. The plant is often placed in the kitchen window, for easily picked of spicey chili. Most places the plant is brought as young with a few chilies included. Easy to have in the kitchen which requires only a small amount of water regularly, put it together with your 

Easy indoor herbs plants kitchen and spices

    14. Herbs 

Lemon Grass, Oregano, Bergamot (Bee Balm), Winter Savory, Chervil, Culantro, Bay Leaves, Catnip, Lavender, French Tarragon, Chamomile, Cilantro/Coriander, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Basillikum, Dill, Parsley. The topmost used and best Herbs for the kitchen, great and handy for the kitchen. So whether you want to grow a kitchen herb indoor garden, with some easy houseplants, or just to save money or eating more healthy.

There are tons and plenty of herbs you can grow in your kitchen window or balcony. Fresh herbs make a nice fresh smell to your kitchen, and always having tasty green plants by your side. We all love organic right?. The fresh herbs make even better recipes and great to have around for example for soups, salads, and stews.

As a rule of thumb, they need around four to six hours of daily sun. There are many herbs that you can easily grow to enhance your cooking. When you start planting a small cozy kitchen garden, start by planting some new, don´t only plant the herbs you know, take a chance on something new!. You might be surprised huh?! :).



    15. Peace Lily Plant(Spathiphyllum)

These peaceful and powerfull plants can help clear and filtering the air from toxins. The Peace Lily plant is one of those long-time favorited, and highly adaptive low-maintenance houseplant, that often fits on floors. The plant has a much wide variety of sizes, some of them can grow huge, big and bold with big bold leaves, depending on your houseplant needs. Mostly this beautiful cheap houseplant is well known scientifically for its purifying capabilities.

For those concerned about air pollution, research from NASA resulted in the plant, might help mitigate the chemicals in modern building materials and types of furniture, including maintaining air quality inside potential space stations.

The study also tested house plants efficiency against chemicals like formaldehyde(Particles found in board and many other synthetic house items) and Benzene(Mostly found in cigarette smoke, but also common in some glues & paints). 


Tips for keeping house plants healthy and long living

Don’t move them too often, they don’t like it.

Better off research how much light your plants needs, find a place that works and try to stick with it consistently. Moreover, plants sometimes have a hard time adjusting to a new location.

Simply don’t overwater

 Actually, for most plants, it’s much better to underwater than overwater, as too much water can actually have a direct negative effect like make them susceptible to rot. Also please make sure your pots have drainage holes and drain them in the sink when you water if needed :) 

Take Care: Remove dead flowers or buds

Dead leaves or small buds can’t shadow for healthy parts of the plant, these tips grow with the size of your plant for sure. Smaller plants may not be necessary at all. 

Use a big enough pot and plenty of soil

Through the plant eco life cycle, you have to follow your babies as they grow. That adorable cute little color-dipped pots you're bought on Etsy, “Roots have outgrown them, they will start to die”. Transfer to a bigger pot and save the little ones for storage or new baby plants.

Best Cleaning plants for air detoxification. One NASA study might change your approach to houseplants.


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