Today, the kitchen is still a big and open area in the house. Since around 2000 the kitchen became the room the family spends the time together. While dinner is being prepared the rest of the family is gathered around. Some making homework, some working at the next project at work, or someone making a completely different thing, just to be around. Even though everyone is doing something different, everyone is still gathered, and that has become a fantastic way to spend



    Christmas is approaching the highway. I guess it’s not just me who have trouble keeping my fingers in control when you see all the beautiful Christmas decorations that pops up on Instagram? Last year in December we moved into the apartment, so instead of Christmas tree and candlestick, there were moving-boxes and chaos instead. December went so fast that we barely understood that it was Christmas. So this year, I’m taking extra time to enjoy it.     What I really love this



I absolutely L-O-V-E DIY projects. One of my favorite DIY:s are these bedside lamps we had in our last apartment, that also came with us when we moved. I get a lot of compliments and questions about how it’s made, and actually, it’s probably the easiest DIY ever. So here’s the long-awaited description of what you need, and how to do it.   Buy a console that you like We love these wood-consoles in black from Ikea. I think they’re very stylish and goes with

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